Call for Submissions

The Death Aspect project is a growing knowledge base on the topic of death. The project aims to bring together stories, philosophies, mythologies, beliefs and descriptions about death and customs surrounding death, from every location worldwide and to host them under one roof, one collective online space.
We are currently calling for individuals from around the globe to send us original writings on the following:

1. Articles and essays on the topic of death from different disciplinary fields such as philosophy, science, religion, anthropology, psychology, art and literature. We are interested in academic studies on death and issues around the topic, or non-academic articles that are well written and backed up (1000-3000 words). 

2. Short articles describing funeral and mourning customs in different countries, along with photos. The knowledge base will present rituals and customs relating to death in different countries. We are interested in receiving short articles on how death, funeral and mourning are practiced in various locations on the globe, alongside photos (500-1500 words).


1. Article should be broad in its coverage while staying as objective and neutral as possible. 
2. Submissions that are longer than 500 words should be divided into subtopics. 
3. All written submissions must be in .doc or .docx file format, not pdf. 
4. Add a list of sources, links or bibliography which the article relies upon. 
5. Attach relevant pictures, photos or illustrations that are free to use for publication. 
6. Send us a few sentences about yourself along with a link to your website/social profile and optionally email address, so we could give full credit.

Send us your article for review: articles@deathaspect.org 

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