About the Death Aspect

The Death Aspect Project is being formed with the purpose to extend the knowledge and deepen the relation with the concept of death as it is perceived. We believe that becoming more in touch with the idea and meanings of death can elevate one’s well-being and joy in life.

The project aims to bring together stories, philosophies, mythologies, scientific discoveries as well as religious thought, written by experts and laymen, and to create a knowledge-base on the topic of death. By having access to a rich collection of stories and viewpoints, we can begin to meet the concept of death from a place which is more exploratory, aware and intimate.

Death Represented in Different Worldviews
Our worldview defines the relations we have with life, with the end of life, dying and death. The meaning of death, like any other metaphysical concept, is subject to the culture and belief system of our times and to the primal questions that lead our lives. 

From investigating our origin and how human life first emerged, to asking philosophical and moral questions about human nature such as: what does it mean to be human and what is the meaning of having a good life? What does it mean to die, or to be dead?  Are there really any facts when it comes to death?  This website leaves these questions open for you, the reader, to explore. 

We hope that this project will invite you to embark on a journey exploring the many faces of death since the dawn of human history, to deepen your sense of freedom, in asking how one might live or die.

We are looking for new stories and articles, if you are interested in writing with us, please get in touch.

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